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Here are some important things to know regarding what to bring, what to wear, what will be provided, where to stay if traveling, etc.


What should you wear?


  • Blazer

  • Tie

  • Dress shirt

  • Formal pants

  • Dress shoes


  • Blouse or dress shirt

  • Blazer

  • Formal Pants or skirt

  • Flats or other formal shoes

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What should you bring?

What you will need

  • Laptop

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Water

  • 1 minute speech

  • Position paper (only if required in your committee)

What ​you might want to bring

  • Snack (can be purchased on campus)

  • Lunch (there are options for purchasing as well)

  • Notes/extra research


Other information

Travel information​

  • We recommend going to the Comfort Inn, which is located right next to our school!

  • Please do not hesitate to reach out to, if you need help finding any travel accomodations!

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